I’ve seen quite a few bloggers who has done a ‘mind-dump’ type of post of what they’ve been up too. For example:

  • Holly does the Weekend Blog
  • Cassidy does the Cassidy Currently
  • Liz does Liz Lately and
  • Georgie does the Georgie Gazette.

I’m almost positive that there are others out there who are doing the same, and as always, I’m jumping on the band-wagon. Jamie Journals is a monthly mind dump of things as to how my life went or is going. This is usually set aside for things that were important to me for that particular month.

Getting a new phone

I really don’t remember who I have discussed this matter with, but I do know I have told some of you about this matter. For over 2 1/2 years, I have had the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon. I moved into Tristan’s grandparents’ house to help them out as well as helping me out and with that came a new phone. Back then, the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone was apparently the new hype. My best friend Devlynn had told me about this deal were if you paid for the phone, you’d get a rebate in the mail that you can use wherever you wanted. It was considered a credit card so to speak. Well, after 2 and 1/2 years of owning the Samsung Galaxy S3, I finally got an upgrade. Why? Well, I’m not entirely sure what happened to my phone as it lasted me a really long time and was rather good to me. However, the charge just would not hold any more. Yes, I was bummed as I couldn’t take pictures, I couldn’t go on the Internet/Wi-Fi, and I couldn’t be on my phone to pass the time away while waiting for my classes as the phone would simply die on me. This obviously was extremely frustrating, to say the least. Well, Tristan felt bad for me as I didn’t have a working phone and wanted to ask the grandparents if it was okay to get me a new phone. We’ve both explained to the grandparents what was going on and they were completely fine with me getting a new phone. Honestly, I can’t begin to tell you how long I have debated between another Samsung phone or the iPhone. On Friday, August 26, 2016 Tristan and I went to the Verizon Wireless with the phone that I wanted already in mind and purchased the phone. The phone that I wanted and purchased is the top of the line smart-phone from Samsung it is the Galaxy S7 Note. Believe it or not, one of the representatives that was helping us actually proclaimed that when he has his upgrade in a year or so, he will be getting the S7 Note. Upon purchasing the phone, we were given several payment packages. One of these payment packages came the portable battery, which is what we both opted for as it does come in handy! I am currently the proud owner of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Note, and I am in love!

Getting my hair cut!

Just an F.Y.I. this picture of me is not the most flattering, but it will do.

Anyways, it’s been literally months since I had received my last hair cut done by my friend and hairstylist from Fantastic Sam’s. My hair was just past my shoulders, and honestly, my long hair was really getting on my last nerve. I never realized how much of a maintenance we women have to go through for long hair, until now. I also never understood why any female would want to chop off their long hair and into a Pixie cut no less other than that it was trend at the time, until now. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve had the urge to chop all my hair as well as it was just getting really aggravating to try and blow dry my hair. Especially since, Tristan and I have to wake up extremely early for this semester. The day after Tristan and I purchased my new phone, Tristan and I both received beautiful hair-cuts! My friend/hairstylist cut my hair and I’m not lying when I say this…she did a really good job in doing so! My friend taught me how to blow dry my hair so I can have the same look. Not only did she teach me how to blow dry my hair properly, she realized that my hair was a bit damaged from using store bought shampoo and conditioner. I never knew this until my friend had told me that the store bought shampoo and conditioner like Garnier Fructis (the brand Tristan and I both used) holds a LOT (I’m not exaggerating either) of alcohol as the company of the shampoo and conditioner products that are sitting on the shelves, does not know how long they will sit on the shelves until someone buys them. I honestly never knew this until now. Knowing this information about my hair was being damaged by washing it with the wrong shampoo and conditioner worried me. The price of the Fantastic Sam’s shampoo and conditioner is a relatively good price, and the price is $8.95 each bottle. Tristan and I had come to a census that we will no longer be buying the store bought shampoo and conditioner as we don’t want our hair to become more damaged and abused through the extra alcohol that’s being used in the store bought products. We’ve decided to go ahead and get the shampoo and conditioner that our/my friend recommended us to get every month as it is well worth it. This same shampoo and conditioner is what Fantastic Sam’s use on their clients.

Switching Domains/Blogs

I am not sure if you guys have noticed or not, but I have switched my blogs back to this domain. Honestly, I wasn’t too pleased with the way things were going on poetry-notes.com. I mean, sure I had paid $1.00 for the domain, but I just did not like being harassed on my blog. I am fairly certain that this will be the last domain switch, as I really love this domain name and want to keep it around for awhile.

Being a half-time student

Due to my panic attack on the first day of my math class (mind you, this class is at 7:50 a.m. to 9:20a.m.), I debated whether or not to stick it out or to just drop the class. I conversed about this dilemma with Tristan and also my mom. My mom agreed that dropping the class would be for the better as taking it during the summer would be beneficial to me. As a result, I decided to go ahead and drop the math class. Since I had dropped my math class, I am no longer a full-time student (well, this semester anyways), which means I will not be receiving the full amount in 3 separate payments. I have received my 1st grant check, but I will NOT receive a 2nd grant check as it was paid to me in advanced when I was full-time. Kind of sucks being only half-time, but what can ya do?

This month’s/week’s roundup

Tristan purchased me a new phone as I was in dyer need of one. Tristan and I both got our hair-cuts by our friends and found out some useful information that was damaging our hairs. In about 3 weeks, my best friend, her kids, her boyfriend, Tristan and me will be going to Knott’s Berry Farm for the first time. This is the first time that my best friends (Devlynn and Tristan) have been to a theme/amusement park together. I can’t wait for the day to come! Until next time.

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